Mesothelioma Basics

Mesothelioma Basics

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Malignant Mesothelioma

Whether you (or a loved one) are worried about developing malignant mesothelioma, have just been diagnosed, are going through treatment, or are trying to stay well after treatment, this detailed guide can help you find the answers you need.

Mesothelioma: Practice Essentials, Background, Etiology

Malignancies involving mesothelial cells that normally line the body cavities, including the pleura, peritoneum, pericardium, and testis, are known as malignant mesothelioma. The 3 major histologic types are sarcomatous, epithelial, and mixed.

Mesothelioma | Statistics, Warning Signs, Treatment Options

Mesothelioma is a deadly cancer caused by inhaling asbestos fibers – and it’s completely preventable. Find out more about this disease at MAA Center.

Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma Cancer Information

Pleural mesothelioma is the most common type of asbestos-related cancer. Though it's an aggressive illness, ongoing advancements in chemotherapy, surgery and clinical trials are extending patients' lives years beyond their life expectancy. Free Mesothelioma Guide Malignant pleural mesothelioma is a rare, aggressive cancer that develops in the pleura, a thin layer of tissue surrounding the lungs.


Mesothelioma — Comprehensive overview covers malignant mesothelioma, including peritoneal and pleural types of this cancer.

Mesothelioma | Answers to Common Questions

Information and support if you or a loved one was diagnosed with mesothelioma cancer. We get you the help you need.

Mesothelioma | Mesothelioma | Cancer Research UK

Mesothelioma is a cancer that most commonly starts in the sheets of skin-like tissue that cover each lung (the pleura). More rarely it starts in the sheet of tissue in the abdomen that covers the digestive system organs (the peritoneum).

Mesothelioma | Asbestos | MedlinePlus

Mesothelioma is a tumor of mesothelium, a tissue that lines lungs and other organs. Most people who get it have inhaled asbestos. Read the symptoms.

What is Mesothelioma?

Mesothelioma treatment, diagnosis and related information for patients and families. Legal options for those diagnosed with malignant mesothelioma.

Malignant Mesothelioma

Information about malignant mesothelioma treatment, causes, clinical trials, and other topics from the National Cancer Institute.

Pleural mesothelioma symptoms, treatments & patient forums | PatientsLikeMe

Pleural mesothelioma: Find the most comprehensive real-world symptom and treatment data on pleural mesothelioma at PatientsLikeMe. 30 patients with pleural mesothelioma experience Insomnia, Depressed mood, Anxious mood, Fatigue, and Chest pain and use Cisplatin to treat their pleural mesothelioma and its symptoms.


Mesothelioma Litigation

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Mesothelioma Litigation
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